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We are dedicated to providing quality service, customer satisfaction at a great value in multiple locations offering convenient hours.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient hand car wash experience possible.

Exterior Hand Wash

We wash your car by hand, dry the exterior, and apply tire dressing.

Interior Detailing

Detail of all doors and jambs, Upholstery Cleaning and/or leather conditioning. Shampoo all carpets and mats. Vacuum the trunk. Complete cleaning and dressing of all vinyl areas including dash, console, cup holders and vents. Clean all interior and exterior glass mirrors.

Preparation For Sale

To Prep your Vehicle For it to be sold we will be decontaminate the whole vehicle and have it looking

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Mobile Auto Detailing Services

We bring our mobile auto detailing studio to your driveway for convenient at home service. We provide mobile auto detailing service in Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, Boca Raton, Fort laudy , Broward and many more locations

Professional Deep Cleaning

We deep clean the interior of your vehicle using steam and material safe polymer cleaners with no residues or dirt attracting soaps or all purpose cleaners. We deep clean your vehicle’s paint with our clay decontamination process and polymer based, paint safe, cleaners.

No Harsh Chemicals: Safe For Your Paint, Plastics, and Rubber

We don’t use acids, high alkaline cleaners, or petroleum based treatments on your vehicle. Our products are better for your car’s paint, plastics, fabrics, leather and rubber. Over time, acids, harsh chemicals, and petroleum based treatments prematurely age and damage your vehicle’s surfaces. All of the products we use are safe, professional grade, and specifically designed to be safe on all vehicle surfaces. For example, the product we use to clean your wheels, tires, and wheel wells costs more than 6x as much as the typical chemicals used by the average auto detailer or car wash but we use it because it is perfectly safe for your paint and other vehicle surfaces and won’t cause long term damage like the harsher chemicals used by some other companies.

Eco Friendly

Our advanced polymer cleaning solution allows us to use less water. Our system safely and thoroughly cleans a car with less than ten gallons of water on average. We don’t use large amounts of water which would result in run off into storm drains. All cleaning is done by hand using gentle products, with as little water as possible.

Matte Finish Dashboard, Plastic, Leather and Tire Treatments

We won’t leave you with shiny or greasy surfaces, including tires, dashboards, plastics, or leather seats. There are no strong chemical odors or fragrances. We use interior and tire treatments that leave a matte, like new finish that provide superior UV protection, repelling dust, dirt and grime. Our goal is to make your car look like new with no artificial appearance, fragrances or dirt and dust attracting residues.

Three Step Exterior Treatment

We use a fine grade non-marring claying process on your paint to remove embedded contaminants. The clay process makes your paint feel smooth, makes it appear cleaner and brighter, and preps the paint for sealant and wax. We apply a durable long term paint sealant that provides protection for 6-9 months. and we apply a durable carnauba wax top coat which is designed to work in conjunction with the long term paint sealant and will last for approximately 3-5 months. The carnauba wax top coat provides patented UVA and UVB protection replenishing the UV inhibitors in your clear coat paint. The carnauba wax top coat gives your paint a deep rich look unmatched by synthetic waxes, sealants, or coatings.

Patented UV Protection

Our paint sealant, wax, and interior treatment feature best in class polymer based UVA and UVB protection. Our products received a patent from the US Government for their enhanced UVA and UVB blocking abilities. Our carnauba wax replenishes the UV inhibitors in your factory clear coat paint. You may have seen cars in Las Vegas with failed clear coat, cracked plastics, or dashboards damaged by the sun. Our products prevent this damage.


Our paint sealant and carnauba wax are non-abrasive. Our polymer based wash solution is highly lubricating and is safer for your paint than traditional soap and water wash techniques resulting in better and safer cleaning and protection. Our products and techniques prevent scratching, swirling, and micro-marring. We use proper techniques, tools and products to protect the beauty and financial investment in your vehicle.

Anti-static and Dust Repelling

Our paint sealant, wax, plastic, leather, fabric, and carpet treatments are anti-static repelling dust longer than store bought or bulk waxes and treatments.

Superior Protection and Results

We finish your vehicle with both a durable long term paint sealant and a carnauba car wax top coat that gives a deep and warm look to your paint. The wax and sealant work together as a system to give you the beauty and deep rich look of a traditional wax and the protection of a modern high tech paint sealant. It is important to note that our wax and sealant were designed to work together. Our technique of layering a paint sealant and wax together requires products specially designed for this purpose. We could just stop at applying a paint sealant but this gives a more synthetic look to the paint that we don’t prefer. We seek to give our customers the best by treating their vehicles like our own. Our goal is to make your vehicle look its best. We don’t miss the details that elevate the finished product from average to great. We detail door jambs, door edges, trunk and hatch jambs, gas cap, wheel wells, wheel barrels, calipers, emblems, behind mirrors, vents, seat tracks, around buttons, trunk and hatch interiors, etc.

No Dirt Attracting Residues

Our products and treatments are polymer based. They don’t leave behind dirt attracting residues like traditional soap or petroleum based products. Our plastic, vinyl, and leather treatments repel dirt and dust.

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