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Provisional Mobile Detailing

Car wash & detailing specialist

We operate three Mobile units through out Palm Beach area. Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient hand car wash experience possible. We use the most modern and up-to-date water reclamation modules as a part of our car wash systems. Our products are eco-friendly.

  • We use professional equipment and have a fully trained staff
  • We make sure our customers are completely satisfied with their service
  • Professional detailing will increase the resale value of your car
  • We are a licensed and fully insured company
  • Book and pay for your wash electronically and securely

Popular Questions

How often should I have my vehicle washed?
Ideally, you should wash your car every two weeks. As long as you wash it regularly throughout the year, you should be fine. However, the elements can impact your car, weakening its structure.
When should I wash off insect residue?
As soon as possible, especially if the car is brand new. Insect residue and bird droppings form acids that start to eat away at a car’s finish immediately.
What is ceramic coating?
Industry-grade ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from external paint damage. The main idea is to prevent dirt, grime, and stain marks from appearing on the paint job and ruining the clear coat.
Is a touchless car wash the safest?
The most widely recommended type of car wash is the touchless type. Touchless car washes tend to be the least damaging to your vehicle’s paint. … if you use a touchless car wash that offers hand drying, make sure the type of towel used to dry the car is non-abrasive in order to avoid scratches to your paint.

Quality of Service

They include washing and polishing the exterior of the vehicles, vacuuming, cleaning the interiors, full interior detailing, scratch, and dent removal services. All the packages are tailored to meet the requirements of the customers.

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